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Adopt better than buying

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The Husky is friendly, playful, intelligent and easily bored. If you have to leave it alone for more than eight hours a day, you may want to adopt another breed because the Husky can be destructive and excessively hyperactive when you do not have enough exercise and barking a lot if you feel unattended. Although as he is so kind and rarely barks, he is usually not a good watchdog. This article aims to be a useful tool for those who are interested in adopting a Nordic dog. What you should know is that Huskies are not a race for everyone; Require experience and a thorough knowledge of the breed. It is unfortunate that many dogs of this breed end up as stray dogs, abandoned in shelters or, at worst, abandoned or mistreated. It is definitely mandatory to know the pros and cons of having a Husky before adopting one of these precious animals.
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How to Educate and Train a Husky

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Siberian husky is a beautiful breed of dog that is characterized by being independent, athletic and intelligent. Despite their relatively gentle appearance and affectionate behavior, this breed of dog is not easy to train. Because the Siberian huskies are pack dogs, they challenge your leadership and test your boundaries. If they do not exercise, they become destructive. To avoid having an unpleasant experience with a Siberian husky, it is important that you understand his temperament to properly train him in all kinds of experiences and situations.

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The Alaskan Malamute

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The Alaskan Malamute is a very special breed of dog. Well educated are ideal family dogs: they are affectionate, clean, they do not bark, they do not give off the smell of "dog" and at home they are very quiet. But look! This does not make them suitable for everyone. If you are looking for a dog that obeys you blindly, look at you continuously waiting for your next order, get yourself another breed! Many people also think they are stupid or that it is impossible to educate them. Quite the opposite! They are tremendously intelligent dogs and learn very fast ... if you know how to teach them! The truth is that this point is one of the reasons why many Nordic (mainly malamutes and huskies) end up being abandoned. The Alaskan Malamute or Alaskan Malamute is a dog native to the Arctic, one of the oldest breeds within sled dogs. As a sled dog is naturally strong. It is capable of carrying considerable weights (up to 20 kg) for tens of kilometers.

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The Siberian Husky

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From earliest antiquity, various Siberian Eskimo tribes used dogs for specific functions in daily life. These dogs were essential for the survival of the people, since they carried out vital tasks that included to accompany the hunters, to sniff traces and to help to transport the food of return to the towns. Each tribe had its own specific type, which at this point was the precursor of a particular breed of dog, but all Nordic-type dogs were similar in the sense that they were jackal-type dogs that had at some point been crossed With arctic wolves. Of course, this was many centuries ago, and through careful breeding and the preservation of pure bloodlines, the "wolf" was removed from the dog. Today's Siberian Husky is not a hybrid of wild wolf, as anyone close to the breed will attest, but is a beautiful, friendly, tidy and wonderful dog in his abilities as a pet and as a working dog.

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My first experience with a Husky Sled

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The one known as mushing, which refers to this type of sledging of dogs, is a wonderful experience to those who are fortunate to practice it sometime. Sliding through the snow, with an extraordinary snowy landscape accompanying us at all times, I realized that it was one of the most beautiful and endearing things I had been able to live in a trip. The feeling of freedom and enjoying the icy nature in movement with these four-legged friends comes implied to such a wonderful winter activity.

At The Husky Sled we want to speak to you in this article of directional skills using the mushing as a reference. Mushing is a little-known sport consisting of sled racing using dogs as a driving force. Its origins come from the inhabitants of the villages near the North Pole that used their dogs as transport animals and means of locomotion. These people raised dogs for their own use, but between 1860 and 1930, many of these Nordic dogs were sold and taken to the United States, Alaska and Canada to hold careers and also to be used as transport animals. It is the pups of these dogs that in the middle of the s.XX begin the sport of mushing.